plaka forest

A pine forest with peacocks: Plaka forest

This lush pine Plaka forest full of friendly peacocks accustomed to humans is an ideal spot for a walk. It’s a favorite location amongst local photographers as well. Once you take the road to Kefalos from the roundabout next to the airport, you just drive along for about 1 km. On your right hand side a road leading to Plaka (Πλάκα in Greek) will appear. Plaka is a common destination for inhabitants of the island especially during Easter as well as summertime. The beautiful pine tree forest lies in a gorge that meanders right down to the sea. Unfortunately unwelcoming overgrowth with an overwhelming presence of thistles, brambles…

Plaka Forest

Due to the abundant water presence (mostly underground during the summer months) don’t allow you to wander down very far. So basically you may just enjoy the reinvigorating refreshing atmosphere of the place (thanks to the shade and the humidity) and admire the pompous peacocks that show off they wonderful, colorful feathers. There a few benches and you can relax at your leisure. The whole area designed and rearranged during the Italian occupation, around the spring of Plaka. A special pit has built for people to roast their goat or lamb during Easter. This of course not an indigenous tradition as in Kos lamb or goat is normally stuffed and cooked in a traditional oven, roasting is more of a mainland Greek tradition. And seldom used during the rest of the year. In any case if you’re off to the beautiful beaches of Kefalos, you should definitely stop at Plaka for a rest. You can always continue on the same dirt road as it joins the Antimaheia-Kefalos road a little bit further down the road.