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About Us

   Geo Rent A Car is a family company that was established in 2019 on Kos island of Greece by Volkan family ( Hakan & Ozlem ). As a family that travels our vision is our company vision. When traveling, the first thing is getting pleasure. So we too want our clients firstly getting pleasure when they travel. Therefore we use in the best condition and comfort vehicles for your journey at a reasonable price. On Kos island, to rent a car is not only  to rent a car, gives you the freedom of an opportunity to obtain new things for your vision of the world. New tastes, different peoples, thousands of years of history, breathtaking landscapes, the best beaches, etc, etc,..

    In a short time, our customers who prefer us are growing very quickly, and we get a very close relationship with our customers.

   You could think Kos island looks like a small island. But when you start exploring the island by renting a car you would understand it is not so small that you think. And we would like to help you to explore this lovely island. Rent a car and start to drive to explore the island.

   Don’t forget it’s so easy to rent a car from GEO Rent A Car, and don’t miss new tastes, different peoples, thousands of years of history, Breathtaking landscapes, the best beaches of this beautiful island.
   GEO Rent A Car welcomes you on Kos island to explore the secrets of the island.